Laszlo Levente Mári

@noxowe Developer, Hacker and CTO

I love challanges, hacking stuff, AI and automation. Together with these I can apply high level programming and create any software you can dream of.
As a CTO I am coordinating development inside ITM Holding Inc, a company with almost 20 years of knowledge in professional software development.
I worked for many companies with enterprise needs and I am constantly building something new. I am always searching for outsourced jobs for my company.
I have knowledge in eCommerce, Complex PHP systems, JavaScirpt front-end, Complex JavaScript back-end communications, deep understanding of multiple JavaScript frameworks, Deep learning technologies, Software consulting, Python apps and HTML, CSS.
I recently became a SitePoint author where you will be able to see my articles soon.
I am always learning something new and I am always building something. For more info, reach out via email.
I also did hack into multiple high-profile companies and helped resolving the security issues. These include Tsu, Assembly and many more...

You can ask for my CV via email. I will reply within 1-14 hours depending on the time you contact me!